The Brandt-Daroff Exercise: A Simple Way to Get Rid of Your Vertigo

How to Get Rid of Vertigo
Tried the Brandt-Daroff Exercise yet?

There is one mechanical technique, among others, on how to get rid of your vertigo.

I came across this anti-vertigo exercise after searching for home remedies for vertigo on Google. I was looking for a safer remedy besides taking medications for vertigo and Lo! and behold, I found this.

This maneuver is called the Brandt-Daroff Exercise.

It is intended to relieve symptoms in certain types of vertigo, particularly Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertifo (BPPV) and Labyrinthitis.

What is the Brandt-Daroff vertigo exercise?

The Brandt-Daroff exercise eases up symptoms of BPPV and Labyrinthitis. And these two types of vertigo are caused by problems in the ear.

Your ear has calcium carbonate crystals needed for certain functions like detecting gravity and balance.

If you have BPPV, these crystals can get out. When they do, they could get stuck in your inner ear canal. As a result, you’ll experience vertigo.

To help you treat this problem, the Brandt-Daroff can come to your rescue.

This anti-vertigo exercise is a good alternative for those who want to quickly manage or improve their vertigo symptoms at home.

It is also a good way to lessen up the medications you’re taking.

According to a 2013 study, the Brandt-Daroff Exercise is effective in 8 out of every 10 patients. However, the same study showed that vertigo symptoms come back in about 30% of patients.

This exercise is less risky to perform among the elderly and those with neck and spine problems, such as osteoporosis.

Instructions on how to do the Brandt-Daroff Exercise

Before anything else, here’s a guide that you might want to check out: How to Get Rid of Vertigo: The Ultimate Guide

The Brandt-Daroff Exercise is an easy technique and requires minimal physical activity.

All you need is an elevated mattress where you can lie down comfortably. It is to cushion your head and back, and to decrease strain from your legs.

Any mattress will do. What’s important is that you can be comfortable.

You can go with this ventilated gel memory foam mattress.

It can even be this inflatable queen-size mattress!

Once you have a mattress in place, you can now begin the exercise.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to do the Brandt-Daroff exercise to get rid of your vertigo:

1. Sit straight up on the middle edge of your mattress.

2. Turn your head (about 45 degress) in the opposite direction from the side where you experience giddiness.

3. Carefully lie down, with nose pointed up and with your legs curled up.

4. Remain in this posture for about half a minute or until symptoms subside, whichever is longer.

5. Carefully sit straight up again, with your head facing front.

6. Repeat on the opposite side.

It is advised to repeat the whole step for 3-5 times per session and repeat a session for 2-3 times a day.

You may see improvement in as early as 2 days. But you can continue doing this anti-vertigo exercise for about 2 weeks when symptoms persist.

The Brandt-Daroff Exercise vs. Popular Anti Vertigo Exercises

How to Get Rid of Vertigo
Which maneuver should you go for?

So how does the Brandt-Daroff Exercise fare with others on how to get rid of your vertigo? Let’s break it down with a list:

Epley Maneuver

– most popular

– most effective (90%)

– less time to do (3 times at night)

– minimal symptom recurrence

– safe for all ages

– needs doctor supervision

– needs a bed

– needs a pillow

Semont Maneuver  

– similar exercise to Brandt-Daroff

– more effective than Brandt-Daroff

– less time to perform (10 minutes per session)

– to do 3 times per day

– needs to do in a quick manner

– requires doctor supervision

– not recommended for the elderly and injured

Foster Maneuver

– easiest to do

– longer to perform (needs to repeat every 15-minutes)

– to do 4-5 times per day to be effective

– no materials needed

– no supervision required

Brandt-Daroff Maneuver

– 80% effective

– easy to do at home

– minimal supervision

– safe for the elderly

– safe for those with back injury

– symptoms may recur

– may cause nausea and vomitting

– needs a bed

The Brandt-Daroff doesn’t lag behind its counterparts and has its advantages over others.


In my opinion, popularity and effectiveness don’t really matter. When you’re choosing what anti-vertigo exercise to do on how to get rid of your vertigo, what matters more is what makes you feel most comfortable.

And as long as you consult with your doctor first, you’re all good. He may advise you to try one after the other and see what effective maneuver works best for you.

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