Can Acupuncture Help In Curing Vertigo?

Ever felt like you’re on pins and needles?

It’s not the most pleasant thing, rather, it’s not pleasant at all.

But from what I’ve read, a needle stuck onto your skin can cure you. And it won’t badly hurt at all!

You might not be wondering what this is, because this knowledge is already widespread.

But it’s surprising to find out that it’s also a cure on how to get rid of vertigo.

Let’s get on with the specifics!

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a medical procedure where needles are used to stimulate pressure points.

Hailed from China, it is believed to balance the flow of energy from those pressure points.

Illness is said to disrupt this energy flow from the body. Acupuncture corrects this discord in the body.

Science has a concrete explanation for this belief. The most probable cause is that the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels are stimulated.

This method increases blood flow in the area and natural painkillers in the body.

Medical professionals are split in their stance about acupuncture. Some claim they work, while others say it’s just as good as a placebo.

Benefits of Acupuncture

The World Health Organization, a prestigious organization worldwide, supports acupuncture. According to WHO, acupuncture can help ease aches and pain such as:


For young women out there, acupuncture can be your savior from menstrual cramps. A 2017 study revealed that it’s better than ibuprofen (when used together with herbs).

Gut problems (Peptic Ulcer)

Research shows that acupuncture fares better than ranitidine. It doesn’t only relieve and prevent ulcers, but the procedure also heals them.

Hypertension and Hypotension

A form of acupuncture, called electro-acupuncture, can manage hypertension. A regular session helps balance out a hormone (noradrenaline) and an enzyme (renin). These are responsible for the increase in blood pressure.

Meanwhile, hypotension, in diabetics, can be managed with acupuncture. The same hormone is balanced out with the help of this needle therapy.

Oral pain

Toothache and gum ache is caused by foreign stuff that struck your (tooth) nerves. Acupuncture can help in managing the pain.

Facial pain

Acupuncture is a greater treatment for facial pain than carbamazepine. It had rare to no side effects and had a high rate of effectiveness.

Joint pain

Have a pain in the joint that won’t go away? This needle therapy can rid of it. Findings suggest that it can rid of joint pain, heal nerve damage and reduce inflammation.

Labor pains

Mothers know this from the heart, and most rate this at the top of the pain scale. But worry not as acupuncture can ease off this agony before, during, and after childbirth.

Vertigo and Acupuncture

We’ve covered some benefits of acupuncture for some illnesses. Now, let’s talk about how to get rid of vertigo with acupuncture.

A study in Taiwan showed that acupuncture has quick relief for vertigo and dizziness. Most patients either have BPPV, Meniere’s disease, or vestibular neuritis.

Another study pops up, but this time it’s centered on cervical vertigo.

For the record, cervical vertigo is vertigo from sudden specific neck movement. Its cause is either faulty nerves, muscles, bone or blood vessels within the neck region.

It found that acupuncture also eases off vertigo and dizziness in cervical vertigo.

The British Acupuncture Council explains that it stimulates blood flow to specific regions. Read: ‘Is Ginkgo Biloba Good in Helping You Treat Vertigo?’ and know how it increases blood flow.

They also say that it stimulates endorphin release and anti-inflammatory factors. It also reduces pain and stress, physiologically and psychologically.


Acupuncture uses pins and needles on you, not to harm you but to treat you. Though some experts disagree, evidence suggests otherwise.

It is also a promising cure on how to get rid of vertigo.

This treatment has few to no side effects compared to traditional medicine. But improper practice can cause complications such as infection, internal bleeding or worse.

Consult with a certified or licensed acupuncturist to avoid such complications.

For in-depth knowledge about vertigo, you may visit:

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