Can You Use Barley for the Treatment of Vertigo?

Eating or drinking barley has been around for centuries. Barley is included in making bread, beer and other native cuisines across cultures.

But did you know it’s also a key ingredient on how to get rid of your vertigo?

Here’s how to get rid of vertigo: the ultimate guide, if you want to manage your illness.

Now, let’s further talk about this superfood…

What Is Barley?

Barley is considered a whole grain food, like brown rice and whole-wheat products. Whole grain means it has undergone minimal food processing. Its full nutritional value is retained.

Barley boasts of a high nutrient profile. It consists of 9 essential amino acids (protein), vitamins (B, E, C, K) and minerals the body needs. It is estimated to have 30x more calcium than cow’s milk!

This grass can also cure migraines. It is also high in dietary fiber and low in sodium, good criteria for food when you experience giddiness.

But this superfood is not only good on how to get rid of your vertigo; it has a host of other health benefits.

10 Benefits of Barley

1. Improves digestion and treat gut issues

More fiber means you feel fuller when you eat, which leads to weight loss. The fiber in barley would also make you a regular whenever nature calls.

2. Flushes out bodily toxins

The soluble fiber in barley binds with toxins and is flushed out from the intestines. Other types of fiber also help in cleaning out toxins from the gut by sweeping them out.

3. Stabilizes blood sugar levels

The beta-glucan in barley can curb one’s appetite. It can hinder us from eating empty calorie foods, like junk foods and sweets.

This type of fiber can also slow down sugar absorption and lower insulin levels in the blood.

4. Lowers cholesterol levels

Barley has zero cholesterol. A 2007 study found that barley greatly lowered visceral fat and serum cholesterol. Both are markers for heart health risk.

5. Lowers blood pressure

Normal blood pressure requires low sodium. Potassium, magnesium, and calcium also play crucial roles in lowering blood pressure. The latter mentioned minerals can all be found in barley.

6. Increases RBC levels

RBCs or red blood cells transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Chlorophyll has almost the same chemical structure of blood.

Barley has high amounts of chlorophyll. It promotes healthy RBCs throughout our system.

7. For anti-aging

It is said that antioxidants are responsible for a younger-looking appearance. Barley has phenol compounds, which have been shown to have antioxidant properties.

8. For bone health

Barley has a cocktail of minerals which promotes a healthy bone formation. These are phosphate, calcium, iron, manganese, and zinc in the right quantities.

9. Reduces Inflammation

Barley has choline, a water-soluble compound needed for learning, memory and muscle movement. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says foods with choline reduced inflammation.

10. As an anti-cancer food

Barley has selenium, a rare mineral found in food. It helps in cleaning out cancer-causing substances in the body. It also improves and boosts the immune system, which cancer patients need.


Overall, barley is good for you, not only for your vertigo. There are health risks linked to taking the supplement, though. But these health risks won’t tip the scale against using barley.

The benefits can be overshadowed by the bad. Just be aware of what these risks are and try to keep matters moderated.

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