Healthy Eating, Clean Eating, and All About Eating Well to Help with Vertigo

How to Get Rid of Vertigo
Will an “apple” a day make vertigo go away?

Did you know 41% of people could be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime? But did you know that you can turn that terrifying statement around for yourself?

According to the World Health Organization, ditching the unhealthy foods is what it takes!

That’s why it’s important to have a nutritious diet. You must eat healthy and clean for your overall fitness and well-being.

And if you’re suffering from vertigo, you shouldn’t set aside the importance of such good eating habits for your condition.

In this article, let’s discuss everything you need to know about healthy eating, clean eating, and all the other good eating habits for your vertigo.

What Is Healthy Eating and Clean Eating?

Healthy eating means that you restrict your diet with mostly nutritious food (depending on your health concern). If you have, say, vertigo, you need to stay away from salty foods.

It also means that you follow a balanced diet. If you need to lose weight, cutting off excess carbohydrates in meals can greatly help.

Meanwhile, clean eating means that you, at the most, eat unprocessed foods. There are many preservatives, fillers, excess salt and sugar on processed foods, which the body doesn’t need at all.

Natural or unprocessed foods are healthier, especially for vertigo patients, because of the right levels of sodium and sugar content in these.

Will a Balanced Diet Help Me with Vertigo?

How to Get Rid of Vertigo
One way to go is to eat healthy

A balanced diet would help you on how to get rid of vertigo. A meal plan with the ideal servings of protein, fat, carbs, and fiber is shown to have beneficial effects in managing the said illness.

According to a study, patients with BPPV have inadequate nutrition; they specifically lack fiber and monounsaturated fat intake.

Fiber is vital in people with vertigo because it maintains the dose of healthy fats in the body. Bad lipid levels (HDL, LDL, triglycerides) are associated with vestibular vertigo, and a low-fat diet can cure the symptoms.

On the other hand, monounsaturated fat is considered a healthy fat because it regulates lipid levels in the blood thereby improving blood circulation in the ears.

Five foods that help you treat vertigo

There are particular foods that you’d want to keep on your list. While they may not magically cure vertigo, they can help keep it at bay.

And before going through them, you might want to check out this article: How to Get Rid of Vertigo: The Ultimate Guide

1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, taken with honey for added benefits, is highly suggested for vertigo sufferers. It is believed to improve blood flow, especially in the head region.

This type of vinegar flushes out toxins in the blood vessels, and in turn promoting healthy blood and oxygen flow to the brain, curbing dizziness.

2. Fish

Fish, specifically fatty fish such as tuna and salmon, are rich in beneficial lipids called monounsaturated fats that reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.

They’re also rich in vitamin d, which is proven to regulate calcium balance in the ears. Dislodged calcium crystals are one cause of having a sense of imbalance and dizziness.

3. Almonds

Because of its nutritional profile and anti-inflammatory property, almonds are a great arsenal to your anti-vertigo diet.

Its anti-inflammatory property helps in treating swelling, a symptom found in some types of vertigo, like labyrinthitis. It also has monounsaturated fat, a macronutrient that boosts good blood circulation.

4. Onions

Believe it or not, the smell of onions can help you on how to get rid of vertigo.

The action of welling up causes the blood vessels in the head to expand or dilate. This vasodilation promotes a healthy supply of blood and oxygen to the brain, relieving dizziness.

5. Strawberries

Eating about three strawberries every day is good for your vertigo. It’s sweet, rich in Vitamin C, and eases the uncomfortable sensations of your vertigo.

If you don’t want to eat fresh strawberries because you don’t have a backyard where you can easily pick them, don’t fret. A cup of strawberry-flavored yogurt will do the trick.

Wrapping Up

Clean eating and healthy eating are tested solutions on how to get rid of vertigo. The high-salt content in processed foods means that it should be avoided by vertigo sufferers.

There are healthy foods that can relieve vertigo symptoms, but all in all nutritious foods are also beneficial for you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Do note to further consult your dietitian or medical health professional for any change in your diet.

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