Is Honey Good for Vertigo?

Honey is as sweet as your significant other. And it’s loaded with many health benefits that could give you a happy heart, too.

But aside from heartaches and pains, can honey also be an instrument on how to get rid of vertigo?

Let’s find out!

In this post, you’ll learn all about honey. You’ll learn about the basics and what its benefits are.

This way, you’ll know the real deal. Should you have some honey? And can it really do wonders in your journey of getting rid of your vertigo?

What is Honey?

Honey is made by honeybees. These bees eat nectar from flowers. Then their gut enzymes change the nectar composition. When they store it in the beehive, it further changes into honey.

If it is harvested straight from the honeycomb, it is called raw honey. If it further went into heating and filtering processes, it’s called regular honey.

Raw honey has other bonus stuff nutritious for your body. Heating and filtering remove these. While this sounds promising than regular honey, some people might not have the guts to take raw honey.

Honey is healthy for you and is considered a superfood. You can add honey to your daily meals. Read more about healthy eating, clean eating, and all about eating well to help with vertigo.

A honey dipper is best used when eating honey, specifically one made of out wood. The shape and material allow the honey to cling to this wand and release it without making a mess.

Metal and plastic utensils won’t cut it as they can change the taste or corrode with the use of this liquid gold.

Benefits of Honey

1. Cough Remedy

Honey is best known for relieving cough. It soothes irritated throat that goes along with having upper respiratory illnesses. A honey-lemon combination can ease sore throat while decongesting it.

2. Immunity Booster

It also boosts your immunity and treats sinus problems. Honey has antiseptic and antiviral properties that combat bad bacteria and viruses. These can also block your breathing pathways but honey can unblock them.

3. Treats Vertigo

Along with apple cider vinegar, honey is an instrument on how to get rid of vertigo symptoms. Honey can help improve blood flow to the brain thereby reducing dizziness.

4. For Sleep

It is a good sleep aid. The carb-filled liquid helps release tryptophan, a chemical for inducing sleep. If you have trouble sleeping at night, a teaspoonful of honey can trigger some shuteye.

5. Weight Loss Issues

Having trouble dieting? Honey might be the key. It increases metabolism and helps burn fat, even while you’re in bed. The dose: a teaspoonful in the morning and at night.

Working out? Honey can act as an energy booster. The healthy sugars in honey can supply your body while working out. It also acts like Gatorade because it has potassium and sodium.

6. For Skin Irritation and Moisturization

If you suffer from dry and dull skin, honey can nourish and moisturize it. It has a chockful of antioxidants for dull, aging skin. It can also unclog pores and soothe irritation.

For those with skin sensitivity and eczema, honey is a relief agent. It can also prevent eczema, and skin infection because of its antibacterial properties.

Honey can also be the cure for your itchy scalp and dandruff. Because of its composition, dandruff is a thing of the past. It also smoothens your hair.

8. For Gum Diseases

Did you know that honey can also treat gum diseases? For a gargle, this gold water can release hydrogen peroxide. It fights off bad bacteria in your mouth. But it’s gentler than gargling diluted H2O2.

Honey Price: What Products are Good and How Much?

There are lots of honey and products with honey out there. But be sure to buy only from reputable brands. Honey can be synthetically made out of water, sugar, beer and other unhealthy stuff.

List of reputable brands:

  • Ilog Maria (Cavite)
  • Richbee Honeybee (Batangas)
  • NATRIPAL (Palawan)
  • Beengo Honey (Leyte)
  • Bohol Bee Farm (Bohol)

You can buy some of these at the comfort of your home. Some bee farms have online stores. Authentic honey price ain’t cheap but it’s affordable.


Authentic honey can cure many illnesses including how to get rid of vertigo. It can also strengthen your immunity and moisturize your skin.

Raw honey is better used for these as it is unadulterated. It can cause stomach upset though, so regular honey is an alternative.

Buy your honey from authentic stores that are proven to have their own bee farms. Honey price of authentic honey is more expensive, but you’re sure of getting the right stuff.

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